Sunday, July 31, 2005

Like the Indian band 'Euphoria'? Like the Pakistani band 'Strings'?


Monday, July 25, 2005

A Pilot's view with Google Earth!

Want to simulate a plane landing at the Newark Liberty International Airport??

Follow these simple steps:

1) Download Google Earth.

2) In the search bar punch in 'EWR'. Which is the airport code for Newark Airport.

3) Once your view zooms in to the street level of the airport, look for the runway (slightly north of the terminals)

4) Shift the view using <> arrows to get the runway at the center.

5) Using the tilt function, tilt your angular view to something like 15 degrees from ground level.

6) Zoom out your view till the altitude reaches 36,000 feet.(Usual flying height of passenger airplanes)

7) And now, you are all set to land!...Begin zooming in towards the airport till you zoom in close enough to touch the runway...Don't you feel like a pilot?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Guess who Udit Narayan ran into!

Udit Narayan wass on a US tour in June. After finishing his last leg of performances in Houston, Udit was supposed to take the flight back to Mumbai from the New York Airport. While he was coming in from Houston, his wife and son (who chose to vacation in FLorida) were coming down in another flight from Florida....Udit now had the mammoth task of trying to gather all the luggage and board the Air India from terminal B....The humongous peice of a land that the airport is, Udit was clearly clueless....

....Till he approached, a young indian man walking on the concourse with a coffee in his hand....His name was Vikram Desai. Vikram was visiting his office branch at the airport. Udit asked for help, Vikram obliged...:)

Udit couldnt beleive his luck..Vikram spent an hour with him, talking about everything from Karan Johar to Kumar Sanu....

After VIkram took him through the whole ordeal in a smooth fashion, Vikram and Udit exchanged business cards...Udit asked Vikram, if he could call him the next time he is in the US....

Udit then asked for a picture with Vikram......Viks obliged ;)

Friday, July 22, 2005

USPS messes up

This has to be one of the sickest displays of postal accuracy that I have seen.

The scanned image that you see above is that of an envelope which I had to mail out to Radhika. All of you would agree with me that my handwriting on there is legible if not neat. Like any mailer would, I conveniently jotted the 'To' and 'From' addresses.
I mailed this out on monday morning, and to my shock i get the envelope back in my mail on Tuesday! I tried to examine the envelope, making sure I had the right postage affixed and if there were any other discrepancies.

But no!'s just a mailing office error....I am still trying to figure out the reason for this. I see no reason whatsoever in why any mailer in the world would drop this envelope to the 'From' address, which, as a matter of fact is simply scribbled on such a small corner of the envelope?

Any answers? ....guesses?...words of wisdom?

Friday, July 08, 2005

NY loses out 2012 Olympics bid

In spite of a vast NYC 2012 campaign, NY lost out on the bid to host the 2012 Olympics.
This is what U.S representative Anthony Weiner said,

" We already are at the center of the universe. We don't need the International Olympic Committee to determine that for us"


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It always rains on my Birthday!

The night of July 4th 2005, I was just pondering about something...and I thought I would blog about it , so here we go ....

June 7th is the day the gods decided to let me have a look at the world. Since that day, every year on this day I have celebrated my birthday with great enthusiasm and vivacity. This is one day for which I try to start day dreaming about months in advance. I have never tried to gauge if others too are that ecstatic about their birthdays, I know I am.

I know a couple of guys for whom their birthday is nothing to wait for or be excited about. It just baffles me how they have that long look on their face and they try to tell everyone that this is just another day for them. I feel like holding them by their collar and shaking them forward and backward a hundred times.

Me: ....CMAAAAAAAAN!.....its your birthday for heaven's sake!!!!
Them: So?
Me: Aaargghhh..

Well this long intro has nothing to do with the point I am trying to make here. I was just trying to point out as to how zealous I am on this day.

Coming back to the point, for 2X straight years, I have celebrated my different places, with different bunch of friends at times, in hotels, in pubs, at my own home in Mumbai and Surat, in the exotic islands of Mauritius, in Philadelphia and in NYC. No matter how much I try to make my celebrations 'new' or 'different' , there is something that happens each time on my birthday. It rains.

According to my mom, it even rained heavily in Mumbai, minutes after I was born.

My late granny called me an avatar of Lord Krishna.....while another friend of mine to whom I told this tale, claimed that the gods don't like me and hence cried every year on my birthday.

I will go with my granny's version. *Winks*